The March of Reason

The rationale for defendign atheism should be one's faith in the principal of equality before the law and the standards of behaviour that follow rationally from it.

The March of Intellect

William Heath's satirical engravings show how application of intellect simply tends to replace old problems with new ones.

Does Open Access Demand the Scalps of Legacy Publishers?

Why it is misguided for open access advocates to bash paywall publishers for asserting their copyright.

The Blake Feyerabend Hypothesis

Timb Hoswell's "The Blake Feyerabend Hypothesis" is an intriguing work that makes a case for taking William Blake seriously as a seminal figure in the philosophy of knowledge and suggests an interesting synthesis with the philosophy of Paul Feyerabend.

Pinker on Scientism

Contrary to Steven Pinker's recent attempt to rehabilitate "scientism", I argue that the word should stand for a persistent belief that the trustworthiness of institutionalised science is a matter of fact rather than something that needs to be subject to continuous empirical re-evaluation.

Mikhail Bakunin: Life as an Infinitely Greater thing than Science

A long excerpt from chapter two of Mikhail Bakunin's 'God and the State. I like the way Bakunin draws out the authoritarian parallels between experts and clergy.